N2 Gas Automat

APPLICATION :  Used in Transformer or other sealed tank while Storing / Transportation & Charged condition to provide constant Nitrogen (N2) / Inert Gas / Dry Air pressure so as not to allow atmospheric air & moisture to enter Tank.


  1. Three Stage:
  • Generally used for Shipping and Nitrogen cushioning during Storage and Charged Condition.
  • These are used in Hermatically Sealed High Rating Transformers without Air Cell.
  • Guages used confirms to IS 3624.
  • Facility for Nitrogen Purging at High Pressure


  1. Two Stage:
  • Generally used in shipping of gas filled transformers.
  • Guages used confirms to IS 3624.



  • Models available with Single or Multi Cylinder Connection as per customer requirement.
  • Complete assembly is packed in Lockable Steel Box for easy Mounting and Safety during transit.
  • S. 304 Braid Covered High & Low Pressure Hose available on customer requirement
  • Available with option of Cylinder holding Closed / Open Cabinet.
  • Low Pressure Hose of Copper provided with the assembly based on requirement.
  • Suitable for Multi Tank Connection with Single Monitoring System.