Large PRV


Pressure Relief Valve (P.R.V.) is a safety device to be used in Transformer, Pressure Tanks & Pressure Lines for indoor & outdoor application. Suitable for repeated operation as compared to Conventional Explosion Vent which is for single time use.

Various types of Large PRV:

  • Normal: This is the basic flange mounted PRV which can operate at a wide variety of pressures ranging from 4 psi to 20 psi
  • Rapid PRV: Our R-PRV  is designed to give Rapid (Faster) release than Normal PRV with same Mounting.
  • Extra Flow PRV: This model allows approxiately 50% extra flowrate as compared to Normal PRV models.

All the models are available with the below features:

  • Available in approximately 6” (150 mm)  port size.
  • Operating pressure from 4 psi to 20 psi.
  • Options of with or without multiple switches.
  • Options with or without directional shroud.
  • Option with pipe drain also available.
  • Option with Plug and Pin type Connection is available.
  • Complete Unit Compatible with IP-67 Environmental Test Condition.